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7 Mistakes to avoid when going vegan

Congrats! You’ve decided to become a vegan — a lifestyle that promotes healing and overall wellness. But managing the transition the first few weeks or even months can be tricky. Whether you’re a novice or just struggling with the lifestyle change, here are 7 mistakes I and others have made so you don’t have to. Going cold turkey I get the all or nothing mentality, but going cold...

I went to a healing circle for the first time. This is what happened.

A few weeks ago, I took part in my first-ever healing circle. And I, possibly like you, had no idea what it was going to entail after only finding out about it on Instagram. SoulPick, a beautiful curation of soulfulness, female empowerment and community, is an account run by Brooklyn-based Nilly. She organized a healing circle in her city and invited women from around the country to do...

'#BlackLove' or Lack There Of?

That’s right world, #BlackLove is coming to a TV near you and it has nothing to do with Love and Hip Hop or The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This new reality show follows five women as they embark on a journey to find their soulmates. It’s a refreshing take on a dating show, featuring an ensemble of highly accomplished, educated and diverse black women. It’s empowering to see more women...