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MarceauHill's posts

Understanding Grief: Be Sure To Comfort Before You Correct

I can’t remember a time in my family where I was simply comforted. Not once.Not from my maternal side, not from my paternal side and definitely not from extended family. Never allowed time to grieve or process. It has always been “pull yourself together,” “remember God loves you/corrects you/carries you,” and “you'll be okay”.In the...

Fighting Anxiety With Friends

One of my best friends has anxiety and so do I.She's one of the few friends in my life who has fully understood my nuances and triggers without me having to give a dissertation of my methods and thought process. We are both. If you are not as lucky to have this dynamic but you're someone with anxiety or are a friend to someone with anxiety, there are a few methods we have...

Anxiety Makes Me Feel Like I'm Living In A World Not Made For Me

Daily I navigate a world unsuited for my mental health. I check and recheck locks, garage doors, clothes in suitcases, cards in my wallet, my face in the mirror --  I've questioned everything.Everyday sitting in traffic, although annoying to everyone around me, causes great fear and anxiety of being trapped. When facing social situations, showing up extremely early to find a...