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Naya the Creative Naya the Creative

Naya the Creative is a Brand Therapist with a background in digital media and an even deeper background turning ideas into dollars. Naya created Side Hustle Business School to teach skills and concepts that make entrepreneurship more accessible and attainable to people of all financial and educational backgrounds.

Naya the Creative's posts

Three Easy Ways To Fit Your Side Hustle Into Your Day Job

A side hustle isn’t supposed to take up all of your time. It can, but it doesn’t have to. And I bet it’s hard to imagine how you can have a successful side hustle—one that’s adding enough to your life for it to be worth the time—while you still have that whole “day job” thing going on.Listen, Linda. You can have your job and your side...

4 Ways To Get Paid for the Work You've Been Doing for Free

Passion can pay. But you already knew that. You just might not have figured out how to get yourself paid from your own passion.If you’re already fully committed to a passion project, you already know that it’s a lot of work. Yeah, you love it—you love it a lot—but with all this damn work, you’d love it more if you were getting paid. As is the case with...

Three Things You Can Do To Start Your Side Hustle This Weekend

What’s your weekend saying?Are you planning to sleep in and lay low? Maybe some speed dating and brunching? Planning to try a new wine and catch up on Empire?Or are you planing to start an empire?Because any of those can happen this weekend.If you often think about “starting your own business one day” then you should know—truth moment—“one day”...