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Ralph Cantave Ralph Cantave

I am the bridge. A Caribbean author, poet, motivational educator, with a love for politics, history, business and travel.

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'Nobody's Fool' Is A Must See For Men Who Want To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

I attended Florida A&M University’s screening of Nobody’s Fool and it is definitely not your average Tyler Perry movie. Although there are moral values to be learned it is also raunchy with eye-popping moments. The film peers into Danica’s (Tika Sumpter) life as she recovers from a heart-wrenching breakup and ended up dating a man she met online -Charlie- but never...

4 Must Read Books After Watching 'Black Panther'

1. The Black Jacobins by C.L.R JamesThis book sheds light on Toussaint Louverture, leader of the revolution, and his rise and fall to power. It tells the impactful story of a man, much like T’Challa, who fought to end slavery in his country and throughout the Caribbean. Louverture was a diplomat, poetic in speech, thoughtful and fearless commander of Saint Dominique, now known as...

Who Is Maurice Bishop And Why Is He A Caribbean Hero?

In 1979, Maurice Bishop and his party, The New Jewel Movement, orchestrated the only successful revolt in the English speaking Caribbean; also deemed the “peaceful revolution.” Maurice Bishop was a lawyer and the second Prime Minister of Grenada, and studied law at the London University. Since high school, he had an interest in politics, sociology and history. He was...