I attended Florida A&M University’s screening of Nobody’s Fool and it is definitely not your average Tyler Perry movie. Although there are moral values to be learned it is also raunchy with eye-popping moments. The film peers into Danica’s (Tika Sumpter) life as she recovers from a heart-wrenching breakup and ended up dating a man she met online -Charlie- but never met, nor has she seen his face. While Danica is occupied balancing her love life and queening in corporate America, her sister Tanya (Tiffany Hadish) is released from prison and ends up living with her.

Danica’s life escalates quickly when Tanya finds out that Charlie may be catfishing his sister, and she’s determined to getting back at him for messing with her. However, there’s another man in the picture, who owns a coffee shop and gives her a rose whenever she stops by. The only issue is that unlike Charlie, he doesn’t have a clean record had hardly checked off her list of what she wants in a man. Matters eventually take an unforeseen turn and Danica realizes she may have overlooked him.  

Nobody’s Fool may seem like your obvious chick flick, but it’s one that men also need to go see. I couldn’t help but think of my marriage throughout the film. My wife had a list and I was way beyond the margins. I’m shorter than her, I’m younger, I’m still in school and she is the current breadwinner. I don’t believe men in the friend zone deserve to have a woman just because they’re different, but women do often overlook those guys; justifiably so. Nonetheless, despite those apparent shortcomings, she married me.

For one, I knew she was the one for me and eventually she’d come around to my awesomeness. But most importantly, I had a plan to take care of her and I provided spiritual, emotional and financial security. I was intentional during our courtship, sacrificed my desires and placed her interests above mine. For example, my wife reminded me of the time I took a few hours to help her paint and decorate the community center, where she hosted a summer camp, for her girl’s empowerment organization. I also helped her promoting it. I gave her time when she didn’t necessarily need it because I wanted to see her succeed. We weren’t even dating as yet. Women need to see how much you value them before making a commitment, and when you’re committed, don’t become complacent.

One thing men can learn from this film is the need of being sincere in one’s pursuit. Too often we fail to control our sex drive and mask our intention which is something women can see through from miles away. Show her why you need her because she doesn’t need you; especially if she’s happy being single. It’s important that we also respect and value a woman’s sisterhood. Before I started dating my wife, one of her closest friends drilled me and asked if I was truly serious about being in a relationship. She told me that my wife is a precious gem and despite feeling discouraged about being rejected when I asked her out, her words to me was “every queen needs to be pursued. Failure to pursue diligently could be sending a wrong message”. Sometimes, the sisterhood your girl or crush has is what will help you succeed. Nobody’s Fool is a film packed with emotions, but you will definitely enjoy the ab-crunching comedy throughout the movie.