7 Of The Most Hysterical Memes To Come From Takeoff's Bafflement During 'Carpool Karaoke'

The supergroup showed James Corden how karaoke is really done.

Photo credit:YouTube

| November 19 2018,

4:56 pm

The Late Late Show
Carpool Karaoke

Here are a seven of the best memes out there:

1. When your mama say you gotta go back to school after your doctor appointment.

2. When it’s 3 a.m. and your friend is trying to go to the afterparty.

3. When you're finishing the dishes and see a plate coming.

4. When your parents promised you McDonald’s on the way home, but they drive past it.

5. When your driver misses your exit and you’re tryna figure out if you’re getting kidnapped.

6. When the driver fall asleep a lil' and you hear that "DDDZZZZDZSDSZRRR" from the lil' grooves on the freeway.

7. When the driver hits a curb.

If those clips and snippets weren't enough, watch the entire 14-minute segment in all its glory below:

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