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Mississippi born and Chicagoland raised, Devon currently resides in the Dallas, TX area where she pursues her passions as a therapist, writer, and advocate. As the author of the Dating with Dev blog, Devon combines her clinical experience, creativity, and background in communications to engage young adults navigating the modern day single lifestyle. The platform promotes empowerment, healthy relationship education, and healthy exchange between both male and female readers. Through the use of colorful personal narratives, reader stories, live broadcasts, and interactive seminars, Devon connects with audiences in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Devon is a graduate of Jackson State University (B.S., Mass Communications) and Texas A&M University- Commerce (M.S., Community Counseling). She is a licensed professional counselor intern in the great state of Texas. Devon is also a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

TherapistDev's posts

Respect The Curve: Why You Need To Keep Your Hey Big Head Text

A few years back for my 30th  birthday, I decided to leave all the wack boys in the lurches.  It’s funny because all them jokers still linger around.  Apparently, the key to getting a ninjas attention is ignoring him.  The more you ignore them the more they increase their presence.  Go figure, right?! Anyway, I just recently had another birthday and per...

Would You Date You?

Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with a few of my girlfriends. I asked them the question “If you were your ideal man and you met a woman exactly like you, would you date/marry her?”As singles, male or female, we must spend quality time working on our “areas of improvement” and refining them to get to our best selves. Healthy relationships are...