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Tosin Tosin Oyekoya

Tosin's posts

Black People in Horror Movies

“Over 450 black people have died in horror movies but in the real world we’re still counting.” Those are such powerful words from Anthony Ragler and Omar Holmon, members of Urbana Poetry Slam Team. Anthony and Omar presented An Open Letter to Black People in Horror Movies at the 2014 National Poetry Slam Finals. From their facial expressions to their lively voices, one cannot...

Behind the Mic: Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth “Liz” Acevedo- is born and raised in New York. She’s ambitious, passionate, and full of life. She’s been putting words together for as long as she could remember. Liz has performed in  many historic places such as Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, and the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts. As you can see she’s talented and dope! I got the chance to get inside her head...

Behind The Mic: Aziza Barnes

She’s outspoken. She’s brilliant. She’s fervent. She’s well known in the spoken word industry and will not be out of the spotlight anytime soon. Let me introduce you to this lovely poet: Aziza Barnes. What inspired your poem Hypnophobia?  Why did you write it? I was reading and watching a lot of Jamaal May’s work that summer, I think it was the summer of ‘12. He has a...