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aalzuphar Adolf Alzuphar

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Why Blacks In The 1960s Are The Model For Citizens We Need Today

Now that our present economy is messing up our climate, causing big donors to support misogynists, we are all repulsed by much of the crop of humans who make up this nation. In the 1960s and 1970s, black culture offered this world a human who was unlike the capitalist of today—the soul brother and soul sister, a believer in righteousness, dressed up for the best, though things...

Why Barack Obama's Speeches Should Be Taught In School

Barack Obama is many things: a first black President, a Mandela like figure who saved this country from an economic crisis, an example of a father and family man, and especially a great speechwriter and orator. His speeches are great literature and should be taught as lessons in literature and civics to young Americans.In 1996, Thabo Mbeki, vice-president of South Africa under Nelson...

The Politics Of Black Beauty: A Path Forward

I know what you are asking: WTF? Should there be such a thing as the "politics of beauty" if some folks can’t eat, or if there isn’t justice in our age of the new Jim Crow? I’d argue that economics, justice, etc., are meant to bring peace, prosperity and also beauty to a people. I’d argue that the enemies of our beauty—slavery, Jim Crow laws, the...