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How I'm Dealing With 'Surviving R. Kelly' And Symptoms Of PTSD As A Sexual Assault Survivor

For the past couple of months, I have been dragging, laying around, easily agitated, and secretly crying on cue. And, I couldn’t quite figure out why. I have been a proud supporter of the Me Too movement and the brave women who have come forward to share their stories. I am even more encouraged witnessing the downfall and dishonor of powerful men who used their power and...

When Times Get Tough, Here's Why We Need To Remember That People Are Not Expendable

I’ve had some rough moments that’s taken me to some dark places over my life. This year, I went through a betrayal with one of my “sistahs” that devastated me. The immediate aftereffect was sickness and depression. I am usually a confident, secure black woman, but this incident knocked me off my feet and took me down a path that I had to force myself to shake out...