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dmhopewell2 D'Juan Hopewell


D'Juan is a political operative who specializes in mobilizing conservative institutions for progressive causes. His work helped mobilize clergy to pass marriage equality in Maryland and has moved the business community to support initiatives on childhood hunger and retirement security. You can find more at HopewellThought.com.

dmhopewell2's posts

Yes, I'm Single. No, I Don't Want Kids.

I'm a "good black man" who is single, and likely will stay that way because I don't want children. Unlike my three siblings, I am not partnered. It's not because I'm bad looking, disrespectful to women or void of ambition. I have a number of flaws that make me less than ideal for a great number of women, but the biggest factor is simply that I am...

Why I Think Procter & Gamble's "The Talk" Ad Is All Talk

I love Proctor & Gamble's (P&G) new ad about "the talk" but I still don't find the company worthy of my black dollars. The ad is a brilliant (albeit mild) depiction of the terror black parents are subject to as they try to prepare their children for a world often hostile towards blackness. Creating the ad suggests that P&G sides...

How Could We Have So Much Hate For Umar, But Love R. Kelly?

Umar Johnson may have stolen $700,000 for a fictional school and believes black parents should use conversion therapy to "cure" their children of homosexuality but it was his belief that black men should commit themselves to black women that created the greatest backlash from Roland Martin and his panel last week. R. Kelly, on the other hand,...