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dpollock Darien Pollock


Darien Pollock is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University. A native of Marianna, Florida, he completed his undergraduate degree at Morehouse College. Darien is also the Founder and President of the Street Philosophy Institute, Inc. (SPI), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research in the area of public philosophy.

dpollock's posts

The Guilt We Share: Hurricane Michael And Florida’s Unresolved Inequality

Hidden beneath the bosom of Alabama, right above the warm current of the Gulf of Mexico is the Florida panhandle. One of the most naturally stunning landscapes of the Florida peninsula, it’s a place with a complicated culture and history. There’s a grittiness about north Florida—that’s one of the first lessons that you learn when you step foot on one of its...

Dear Ye: An Open Letter To Rapper Kanye West From A Black Philosopher At Harvard

Dear Ye,I just wanted to holla at ya. One of the first times I recall critically reflecting on the world is when you dropped College Dropout. My mom started an AAU basketball team that year with her tax-refund check to give all of us rural project babies something to do for the summer. Being from a small area, we were always the underdogs—from the bottom of the crab bucket, as we...

What Kodak Black's Recidivism Reflects About American Culture

When I think of my home state of Florida, I think of three things: racism, unemployment and prison — a lot of prisons.Most of us simply refer to it as “the Dirty.” Hinting at the gritty, unforgiving get-it-how-you-live culture that's characteristic of most of the American South – the violence, the drug addiction, the poverty and, above all, the...