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fengram1 Frederick Engram Jr.

Higher Education Professional. Doctoral Student. 1906.Woke. Cali born,NY Raised, DMV Livin.

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Here’s Why The MAGA Hat Deeply Triggers Me

Since the 45th President of the United States was elected, the country has been engrossed in turmoil. The impact of the 2016 election is like something straight off the big screen. Many incidents have occurred that are reminiscent of times past. Racism without fear of persecution is becoming more and more visible. Individuals who would have never revealed their true feelings about...

7 Tips For Navigating The Graduate School Admissions Process

Why are you afraid to hear the word no? Does it make you question everything you have ever done in life, or make you actually question if you in all of your excellence are worthy? Humans are consistently wallowing in self- doubt and deeply rooted with questions of self-worthiness even if it’s simply their own thoughts creating this doubt.In a cognitive-phenomenological analysis...