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Miss Gwendolyn Brooks Don't Need No Candles: She Has an Anthology

Before poetry was my niche, my cognizance of black poets was limited to three fingers on one hand: Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, and the literary architect Gwendolyn Brooks. It took me until my freshman year of high school to understand that poetry is a black body. The mother to which we attribute its birth is a lip smacking, CTA Red Line kind of sorcerer. She has become a famous,...

Why I Think White Girls Can't Step

In explaining white feminism, I often refer to the women’s suffrage parade of 1913. Created by Alice Paul and her Congressional Union, it was the first suffrage parade to occur in Washington D.C. White women bustled down Pennsylvania Avenue, eager to be loud about their rights, and to walk in the direction of change. In this march, black women were specifically told not to...