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judyoranika Judy O.


Judy is a medical student and aspiring lifestlye blogger. When she isn't buried in the books or running around the hospital, she enjoys tweeting and thinking up IG captions.

judyoranika's posts

Am I A Bird For Watching 'Birdbox'? I Sure Feel That Way

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, odds are you’re aware of the viral Netflix original movie, Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a pregnant artist with very few friends, besides her sister.Bird Box chronicles the story of Malorie and a band of other survivors who take refuge in a house following the invasion of a dark apocalyptic force that drives...

Why Some People Need To Have A Seat And Let Us Enjoy 'Black Panther'

The time has finally arrived. In just a few days we will be given the gift of Marvel’s long anticipated Black Panther, and most people (at least in my life) are excited.Photos from the Black Panther’s star studded premiere surfaced on the internet and Black Twitter (along with Black Instagram, and even Black Facebook) ate it up! The outfits were spectacular. Every person who...

Due North: The Strength In Reclaiming The African American Narrative

Issa Rae’s breakout series Insecure is no stranger to stirring up a dialogue on a number of topics in the African American community.  In just two seasons she’s tackled the issues of equal pay on the job, open relationships, gentrification, cheating, interracial dating,  and racism.  Following every episode I run to my bed, open up my laptop and tweet back and...