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kevintpayne Kevin Payne


Kevin Payne is the Founder of Kevintpayne.com, a growth marketing agency that helps SaaS companies implement growth marketing campaign sprints to 2x their inbound leads in 90 days. Also, he considers himself a lifelong learner that strives to advocate for diversity in tech.

kevintpayne's posts

Startup Bootstrapping: How To Build Your Dream Business On A Tight Budget

Roughly 543,000 new businesses start in the US each month. However, according to Fundable, less than 1% of these get funding from venture capital (VC) firms and angel investors.The situation is even worse for startup owners belonging to minority groups. Only 4% of female-owned startups and 13% of minority-owned startups get a chance backing from VCs and angel investors. The rest get...

10 Valuable Resources For Minority-Owned Businesses Looking For Funding

Entrepreneurship among minorities is steadily on the rise; a progress which remains consistent even in the wake of a history wrought with the marginalization of minority business owners – especially within the tech industry.Ironic, isn’t it? Our most innovative industry still to this day paradoxically remains the most antiquated when it boils down to workforce...

Rags To Riches: 4 Amazing Black Startup Founders Who Will Inspire You

Ten years ago, if someone were to tell me that I would become a successful entrepreneur before the age of 30, I would have probably said that they were crazy. After all, my background was hardly what you would expect to hear from a successful entrepreneur.In fact, my childhood was a challenging one. I moved from one family member to another since I was five. I only gained some sense of...