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Built on a platform of 30 years in the television industry and 15 in digital media, Khaliph Young has been part of the revolution and evolution of content creation for the small screen. Khaliphs mission has been to create branded entertainment content for distribution on mobile and IPTV platforms globally. Emerging markets like India, Africa and Southeast Asia has been his focus and network strength and international business is his muse. In 2004 Khaliph started providing mobile content like ringtones, wallpapers and videos to Softbank of Japan and Oplayo of Finland. In 2010, after seeing the demand for mobile apps in the Nokia app store Khaliph decided to develop Volume TV, a pop culture video driven app to featured art, fashion, music and automotive content. The success of Volume TV in the Nokia app store led to the developments of InFashion and Cinema Shorts Film Festival Apps. Khaliph believes that with the right marketing and ad network many apps can be successful in reach and monetization.Today Khaliph helps small app developers with mobile app marketing and continues to create content like Mobi and webisodes for his 4 Roku TV channels and other mobile TV and IPTV platforms in overseas market.

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Why The Thirst Is Real For Mobile Content In Africa And Other Emerging Markets

In my 12 years of creating lifestyle content for mobile platforms, this is the first time I've had the opportunity to have content distributed in a mobile content store in Africa. We've had content in other countries like Southeast Asia, India and Europe, but presenting and marketing multicultural and Black content in a Black country has been nothing but special.Created by...