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kphillips5 Kynala Jabree

Journalism student at UW-Madison - The Bougie Auntie

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#MutetheArtist: Should We Be Cancelling These Artists, Or Getting Them Help?

Lately, we have seen many legendary artists succumb to the skeletons in their closets. From the alarming updates of R. Kelly, Nate Parker and Bill Cosby’s unsettling accounts of sexual abuse to Kanye West’s claiming that 400 years of slavery was by choice- it's been a lot to deal with. Unfortunately, the same people who have made countless artistic gems for the black...

Can I Enjoy Collard Greens Without Ham Hocks? The Difficulties Balancing Health And Culture

One of the most commonly used African-American proverbs I know is “When we get to this grocery store, you better not ask for sh*t.”This line single-handedly had authority over my childhood diet. I ate what my family ate, and that was the end of the discussion. Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with the food we ate. Food is, and has always been, an integral...

On Mentorship And Self-Love: Why No One Will Love You Like Yourself

Mentorship is very difficult to find. The pressures of trying to achieve are daunting, and few are willing to offer a helping hand. At my university, students are lucky if they manage to find someone who is invested in them as a mentee. The investment is not cheap and does not yield guaranteed results for either party. There is also the added difficulty of finding a mentor that shares...