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Brian is the Director of Makuu: The Black Cultural Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience.

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Reclaiming Your Time By Going Tech-Free: Would You Consider Turning Your Phones Off?

During a recent session with my Center’s Paul Robeson and Anna Julia Scholars (a program for interdisciplinary academic engagement and social justice work at the University of Pennsylvania), we were discussing final exams preparation, and I floated what I thought was a fairly simple question. As we unpacked it — via healthy debate — I quickly realized that it was much...

When Reading, Here's Why You Can't Do Less And Expect More

A few times a year I have this recurring epiphany. I would be flipping through pages of a book, or scrolling quickly down an online article, and realize that I’m not actually reading the words. I wouldn’t even call what I’m doing “skimming.” At best, I’m glancing, hoping that a few key lines jump out and give me some sense of what’s going on. I...

Higher Learning Presents Back To Basics: Due Date Or Deadline?

Hello everyone. After this nice long summer break we’re now back in the full campus grind, finalizing course schedules, mapping out midterm dates and papers, and counting the weeks until Fall Break and/or Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking deeply about how to best use this space over the course of this year to help you all reach higher in college, and in life. Over the past...