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ravencras Raven Cras


Revolutionary meets yogi. She has lead workshops on intersectional identities in Black Queer spaces along with training LGBTQ homeless youth workers in understanding power and privilege. As life would have it, her interpersonal experiences and intimate struggles in the Movement for Black Lives has lead her to create a project exploring the need for emotional justice thus her creation, The SelfCare After Series: social justice infused wellness.

ravencras's posts

Why I Did A Direct Action On My Racist Roommate

I was three weeks away from leaving the city that grew me, as my time in New York winded down—when my racist roommate decided to try me. Her profile is the perfect example of how nuanced and palatable racism and misogynoir has become.She briefly attended NYU Wagner School (mission: to improve lives and make a difference) and spouts random unwarranted comments with her yt friends...