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revtswan2 Bishop Talbert Swan


Bishop Talbert Swan is a pastor, prelate, chaplain, activist, author, entrepreneur and radio talk show host.

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If The Hoodie Conjures Up White Fears Of Violence, Imagine How The MAGA Hat Makes American People Of Color Feel

Recently, a group of white boys from Covington Catholic High School in Newport, KY were caught on video jeering, ridiculing and mocking an older Native American man as he drummed and sang in Washington DC. The boys had just attended the anti-abortion March for Life and were wearing red and white hats emblazoned with Donald Trump’s signature slogan, "Make America Great...

The Damaging Statement We Make When Civil Rights Orgs Honor Men Like John And Neglect Women Like Angela

As the president of my local NAACP branch, there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t hear or read an accusation that our organization and other civil rights groups are antiquated and out of touch groups beholden to corporate funders and thus no longer able to speak truth to power. As much as I believe venerable organizations like ours and others are yet relevant and needed...

Repudiating Farrakhan: The Delusional Notion Of White Supremacy That Black People Are The Ones Who Need To Denounce Bigotry

The clear and concise message to Black people from the Jewish community, white liberals and gaslighting white supremacy supporting conservatives: Condemn Minister Louis Farrakhan or we will ruin you.While they have tolerated, supported or remained silent about anti-Black and non-white bigotry, systemic racism and the extra judicial murders of unarmed Black people for eons, they...