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How embracing diversity and developing young workers creates success in South LA

The Black Lives Matter movement has shed a bright light onto the disproportionate way African Americans are treated in the U.S. However, amongst all of the voices, how can we hear a solution..? Is it a top-down solution? Is it up to individuals? And what do we do when disproportionate force by police is coupled with high unemployment rates and sky high incarceration percentages? With...

Looklive makes it easy to look great without being a fashion expert

Fresh out of Y Combinator, Looklive.com — a shoppable lifestyle and celebrity commerce website — launches its cutting-edge new app of the same name. Looklive allows users to browse, stay up on and purchase the latest celebrity trends and fashion looks. Everything from influencers’ everyday streetwear to celebrities’ red carpet looks, Looklive lets you buy the exact items you see...