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Afrocentrism as elitism: The gift and curse of consciousness in the social media age

In a world full of twerk videos and K2, where sweat pants are acceptable 'fashion' attire and jeggings are an actual thing, it can be difficult not to wish you had been born just a decade or two earlier. Our adoration for '90s music and television and its generational predecessors, though partially due simply to nostalgia, is also directly linked to the fact that we did not heavily...

On Jada, Janet, Sisterhood & Why it's all 'That Serious'

Navigating life in a black body is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Existing in the public sphere almost guarantees negativity in some form or fashion will be directed your way. And if you're a black woman? Forget it. You might as well just draft up the clapbacks in advance and have them on standby for the haters, naysayers and nonbelievers in black girl magic. Knowing all this, it...