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yocelanegra's posts

9 History-Making Black Women Who Paved The Way For Us Today

I just want to say, black women are magic. But ya'll already knew that. So, I'm just going to go ahead and list some amazing black women worth mentioning this Women's History Month. 1. Ida B. WellsBorn July 1862An early civil rights leader.A brave journalist that documented lynching in the U.S.Organized the Alpha Suffrage Club among African American womenShe refused to...

Young, Disabled And Black: A Response To Solange's Recent Diagnosis

As if life wasn’t hard enough by simply being black, disabled gotta be thrown in the mix.There was a time when I put my body out there on the front lines, leading protests and speaking to crowds about the injustice my people were feeling. It didn’t matter that I was a 5’2" and living with a debilitating chronic disease.At the end of every action, I could barely...

What Afro-Latinx And Non-Black Latinx Can Do To Fight Anti-Blackness In The Latinx Community

Being an Afro-Latina in the U.S. hasn't been easy. Between fighting racism in school, in the workplace and at home, in addition to fighting an identity crisis and validation from both sides, the day-to-day for an Afro-Latino becomes exhausting. Non-black Latinos, constantly question my identity like, "You're Mexican? No way! I thought you were black?"And I'm...