Azealia Banks has added a new community to her ever-growing s**t list. But this time, we're fully here for it. 

Following a crude comment from a white Instagram user, the controversial musician asserted that there are there are two types of white men in this world.

"Christ, you're unattractive," the presumably mediocre white man wrote of the 27-year-old. 

Banks responded with a paragraph-long breakdown of all that was wrong with the statement. A fan shared a screenshot of the exchange via Facebook.

“You know there are two types of American white men,” she wrote. “The fat, inflamed blistering, red pork juice dripping kind of white men, who think they’re as charismatic as their more attractive counterparts, yet always smell like Axe and garlic, have gout and frequent their local 7/11.”

The “212” rapper then described another caliber of white men. 

“Then there are the unassumingly charming white men with human color skin, visible necks, healthy cholesterol levels and full heads of hair,” she continued. “When I close my eyes and kiss them, they smell like sugar cookie, and their lips taste like marshmallows.”

She finalized her point by describing what the user looked like and stated that he would burp oppression into her mouth.

“You look like your lips taste like envelope adhesive and bacon bits,” she shared in closing. “You would probably burp Slim Jim and oppression into my mouth. Rest assured, that you never have to worry about an unattractive me hassling you for any face-time. Be gone, Elmer Fudd.”

But Azealia Banks is still Azealia Banks and igniting seemingly uninspired feuds with fellow female rappers.

On Monday, she shaded Iggy Azalea for selling flat tummy tea on her Instagram Live story. A user took screenshots of the comments in which she called Azalea “broke” and offered to pay her to promote Bank’s shampoo bar line. The post reignited a longstanding beef between the two artists.

Azealia, Azealia. 

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