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Barack Obama And Eric Holder Reunite To Impart The Cruciality Of Voting In The Midterm Elections

And now, a message from our forever president and attorney general.

Amid the current chaos and lack of common sense in the White House, Barack Obama and Eric Holder Jr., are giving us a much-needed break from all the foolishness.

In a short video, President Obama drops a few gems on the consequence of gerrymandering and reminds us of our most significant power as citizens: the right to vote.

As midterms quickly approach, our forever commander-in-chief says he wants us to keep in mind the significance of "electing representatives that represent all of us again."

Optimistic as usual, he opens the video by shedding light on the progress we've made thus far in resisting this ridiculous excuse for an administration:

"It's been inspiring to see growing numbers of people...organizing, registering new voters, and running for office for the first time."

Obama adds that there's one tactic in particular on which we should shift our focus: redistricting.

Mr. President effortlessly breaks it down for us by explaining how technology serves as a tool for the ruling political party (Republicans at the moment) to "pack" supporters of the "other" party into fewer congressional districts. "It’s also how a party gains more seats, while winning fewer votes. Which isn’t fair," Obama says.

"In America, politicians shouldn't pick their voters. Voters should pick their politicians," the 44th president said.

With this belief as motivation, Obama teamed with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to support the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, of which Holder serves as chairman. Its purpose is to encourage and push for candidates who support fair elections. 

They're sick and tired of being sick and tired and are putting words into action when it comes to dismantling a government which has continually proved a contemptuous disregard for racial and religious minorities as well as the LGBTQ community. Watch the video below, and be inspired to ensure your vote counts and they hear your voice loud and clear.

Barack H. Obama will always be our president. 

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Maya is a politics writer with Blavity and alumna of Hampton University, who just wants justice for black folks. She's currently navigating the nonprofit world and attempting to make diversity happen, and also a writing fellow with Center for Community Change. Follow her on Twitter & IG @MJBoddie.