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Basquiat's 1982 "Untitled" Masterpiece Sets New Record

The $110.5 million price tag is the highest sum ever paid at an auction for a U.S.-produced artwork.

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Almost thirty years after his death, prolific artist Jean-Michel Basquiat continues to make an impression on the world with his outstanding work. 

While the closest many of us will ever get to owning one of his iconic work is an H&M shirt or an Urban Outfitters tank, international arthouse Sothby's just sold the visionaries piece "Untitled" (1982) for a record-breaking $110.5 million. The previous record being set by Andy Warhol's "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)", which sold for $104.5 million.  

Billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa placed the winning bid over the phone, and while reflecting on his purchase was said to be "struck with excitement and gratitude".

We can imagine. 

The masterpiece depicts an abstract skull over a vibrantly colored background and is one of the more coveted in his series of skull muses. 

Photo: Giphy

The man never ceases to amaze us even decades later.

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