It’s a bold move to be yourself and take up space — especially in arenas that have been considered mainstream. But we’re moving into a time where, more than ever, we’re being called to truly celebrate our individuality. 

Where before there was silence and a tentativeness to let your whole, authentic self show, now that space is filling up with voices ready to reclaim their time and speak to their experience in a brand-new way. 

UGG is celebrating this resurgence of individuality with its ‘FEEL YOU’ campaign — a yearlong initiative that’s been a space for creators, influencers and changemakers from all walks of life to speak to the trends and stylistic elements that are so uniquely them. 

“Being able to step into a space and wear whatever I want and feel my best is always a must.” — Genai Nakama

UGG has teamed up with 30 influencers and cultural icons, who are sharing stories of self-love, style and acceptance as they speak to their journey of finding their voice through style and spreading love through self-acceptance in a radical way. 

From artists, dancers, visionaries and more, UGG is telling the stories of these everyday icons while featuring the newest iterations of its classic looks. 

“My style gives you a little bit of everything: sass, attitude and a conversation.” — Leah Vernon 

UGG has always been a cultural staple that has long typified luxe, warm and hygge’d-out fashion. And even as styles have changed over time to incorporate an arsenal of ever-evolving trends, the brand has always stayed true to the classics. As we look ahead to the fall season, the quintessential styles that the brand is known for are still in full swing — serving up lewks that seamlessly tradition across the seasons. 

What does that mean for the rest of us? No matter what your signature look is, or even if you’re just experimenting with styles and textures, there is a classic or innovative UGG style that compliments your unique style.

“I like to spark conversation, celebration and joy with what I wear.” — Rhianna Jones

Partnering this year with creatives and innovative influencers across the spectrum, UGG is focusing on joy — the joy that comes from being uniquely yourself in spaces that have traditionally been designed for the mainstream. And in that uniqueness, there’s a celebration in what makes us ourselves. 

Follow the journeys of the changemakers who are taking the world by storm through dance, hoops, art or even just by showing up as they are. Transforming their space through their effortlessly cool and radical self-expression.

“You weren’t born to fit in, you’re born to stand out. Just be you and everything will work out.” — Kayce Kirihara

Check out the full FEEL YOU range and learn how these influencers are showing up and creating change.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with UGG.