Black people are generally perceived as a threat. While there is no shortage of statistical data and sociological studies to prove this fact, those of us who live in this skin don't need a panel of experts to validate our experiences. We are well versed on the social penalties that accompany this melanin. Man or woman, child or adult, the burden of presumed guilt over innocence has always been ours to carry. Whether we choose to actively dispel it, defiantly own it, or boldly disregard it with carefree abandon, at some point we have all faced the latent contempt that racism brings, and adapted accordingly.

On Tuesday night BET came through for the culture with a brilliant twist to this familiar narrative. In the debut episode of a new series called Tales , the network turned systemic racism on it's ear, showing white people on the disenfranchised side of the social hierarchy and placing black people on the privileged end.  Through this lens, the episode depicted the two polar sides of the criminal justice system, while also touching on racism, allyship, the arrogance of privilege, and the everyday microaggressions imposed upon racial minorities in America.

Produced and created by music industry veteran Irv Gotti, the scripted anthology translates hip-hop classics into three-act stories. Last night the series kicked off with a two-hour debut, giving cinematic translation to the controversial N.W.A. classic, "F*ck Tha Police." The episode highlighted the inherent undercurrent of fear, despair, and anger prevalent in communities disproportionately targeted, harassed, and brutalized by law enforcement. Viewing this dynamic turned inside out was a shock to the system and Black Twitter LIVED as #TalesOnBET trended for hours.

Seeing the shoe on the other foot was just surreal.

And the praise just kept flooding in.

The truth always resonates.

We had all the time.

But, are we preaching to the choir though?

Yo, Irv really came through with this one.

Who knew how much we needed this?

To catch the next episode of Tales tune in to BET on Tuesday's at 8PM/7CST or you can view the exclusive director’s cut episodes on Tidal following their initial BET air date.