Update (June 23, 2021): Trick Daddy added more fuel to his feud with Beyoncé's fanbase on Tuesday when he sat down for an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on BNC News, saying he doesn’t care if the BeyHive doesn't agree with his opinion of the singer.

“I grew up with roaches, I’m more afraid of roaches than bees,” the rapper told Lamont.

According to Complex, Trick Daddy faced the wrath of the BeyHive after recently making comments during a Clubhouse session, saying “Beyoncé can barely sing” and she doesn’t write her own songs. He also added that Jay-Z “ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive.” 

As he tried to explain himself in the latest interview, the artist said people took his comments the wrong way.

“She’s a singer, but I don’t think she can sang,” Trick Daddy said while explaining the difference between a singer and a "sanger."

“To me, a singer is a Stephanie Mills, a singer is a Whitney Houston, a Mariah Carey, an Alicia Keys, an Adele. To me a singer is somebody that can go to church and give you the word. I'm from the south, so singing and sanging is different things,” he added.

The 46-year-old continued to unleash on his critics, describing them as “trolls.”

“They probably didn’t even hear what I said. They don’t understand what I’m saying because they’re trolls,” he said. 

But the rapper ultimately doesn’t care if people agree with him.

“I don’t care who don’t agree with me,” he said. “If I offended somebody, do I care? Yeah, probably. But I don’t think I said nothing to offend anybody.”

And the artist appears to be still holding a grudge against the BeyHive.

“Wish y’all supported me as much, I sold a lot of records, ain’t never got nominated for no awards,” he said.  

Trick Daddy came up with more unpopular opinions on Tuesday when he said Chris Brown was on a similar level as Michael Jackson. Lamont gasped when he heard that particular comparison.

“Chris Brown and Michael Jackson? Chris Brown and Michael Jackson?” the host said. 

As the conversation circled back to Beyoncé, Trick Daddy said the Grammy-winner would be an 85 on a scale of 1-100. Again, Lamont was in disbelief.

“Whoever your supplier is please give me the connection brother,” the anchor said. “You think Beyoncé is only an 85? Oh My God.”

Original (June 22, 2021): In a clip from a Clubhouse session, rapper Trick Daddy made a few off-kilter remarks about Beyoncé that has the BeyHive feeling all types of ways. 

“Beyoncé don’t write music and barely can sing her motherf**kin’ self,” he continued as others unanimously agreed. “Beyoncé can’t sang! Man, I watched my godmama train Beyoncé, vocal lessons all her career.”

The BeyHive didn’t take Trick Daddy’s comments lightly and shared their own thoughts on the situation.

Some users even mentioned that they didn’t know who Trick Daddy was and accused him of using Beyoncé’s name as leverage for clout.

The 46-year-old rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his club-style track “Nann N***a” featuring rapper Trina.

Ultimately, the Florida rapper stood by his words and also took a stance against Jay-Z, saying he should not be credited as “the greatest rapper alive.”

“I’mma give an unpopular opinion right now: Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That’s why they together. Jay-Z ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive. Whoever put him on a level like that?” Trick Daddy said. 

The rapper asserted that being dubbed the greatest rapper alive is an honor he feels the 51-year old was awarded by default following the death of Biggie. 

“New York lost [Biggie], they needed a hero because they wanted to be the Mecca of hip-hop,” he said. “They just handed it over to Jay-Z.”