Beyoncé has officially endorsed the #BeforeILetGoChallenge.

The singer shocked the world when she posted the videos in her Instagram Story on Monday. When users click on the icon, they’re treated to several clips of people dancing to her cover of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s hit “Before I Let Go.” The cover is a bonus track from her latest project Homecoming.

The dance challenge is centered on the part where Beyoncé starts giving line-dance style instructions.

She sings:

“Turn around, kick, then slide. And twirl that ass to the right, now. Ooh, bunny hop, bunny hop, drop, pop. Cross your legs, turn around and clap. Shuffle to the left, let's glide now. Ooh, drop it down, drop it down low, low. Low, low, low to the floor, floor. Bring it up, clap, then roll, roll. Step on 'em, step on 'em, step on 'em, step. Step on 'em, kick on 'em, stomp, then you step. Swag the right, surf the left. Work the middle 'til it hurt a little”

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This wasn’t the only gift the Beyhve received from the “If I Were a Boy” singer.

Lemonade is finally available on all music streaming services. The album was exclusively on Tidal before Beyoncé opened it up to other apps on Tuesday, according to Rolling Stone. Still, Tidal members were treated to a special “Formation” music video that focused on the song’s choreography.

These releases come almost a week after Beyoncé released her Netflix documentary Homecoming and an accompanying live album.

Beyoncé is coming to the cookout, and she's taking our wigs with her.

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