Coachella’s crappy audio equipment was no match for Lizzo.

The show went as planned until it was time for the singer to perform her hit song “Juice.” The song began correctly but skipped over a bridge and played the chorus, reports Variety. The mix-up confused Lizzo and her dancers, so she cut the music altogether.

The “Good As Hell” artist asked for her infamous flute and gave one hell of a solo.

The crowd helped her out by singing parts of the song’s chorus. Lizzo’s dancers were also on point.

“If they ain’t gonna get the music right, I’m gonna get the music right,” Lizzo said. “That’s why I got my music major.”

This is the second time Coachella has messed up Lizzo’s audio. During the first weekend, her audio cut out in the middle of her performance, but she never missed a beat.

“It’s my first time playing Coachella, so ain’t nothing gonna f**k my time up, b***h!” she said. “So when I’m headlining next time, I’m gonna need my motherf**king ears to work.”

Despite Coachella’s production issues, Lizzo’s star is on the rise. Her debut album, Cuz I Love You, scored the top spot on the iTunes charts. She acknowledged her accomplishment during her second Coachella set, according to The Star Tribune.

“This is my first time coming out on stage since releasing my No. 1 album,” she said. “Did I say No. 1 album? I meant No. 1 album.”

She also added new dates to her sold-out North American tour.

Lizzo’s appearance at Coachella was meaningful for the outspoken musician, according to Billboard.

When a fan asked why she chose to perform at the festival despite the festival owner’s problematic past, she had a great answer.

“I’m doing what I gotta do to make sure my big black ass voice is heard,” she responded. “Can’t wait to dismantle the hate that funds this country … but until then, imma be putting big, black, femme, lgbtq+ bodies on stages and telling our stories.”

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