Beyoncé paid tribute to professional dancer O’Shae Sibley, the Black gay man who was fatally stabbed at a gas station over the weekend for voguing to the singer’s Renaissance album. 

Page Six reported the “Heated” artist shared a message in white letters on her official website: “Rest in Power O’Shae Sibley.”

As Blavity reported, Sibley was killed Saturday night at a Brooklyn gas station after he and his friends had stopped to fuel their car. The group was reportedly dancing and voguing in the parking lot when several men showed up and told them to stop.

Both parties exchanged words before a physical altercation ensued. Witnesses at the scene said the 28-year-old tried to defuse the situation before someone pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the torso.

“They killed O’Shea. They killed him right in front of me. I was covered in his blood and I’m holding his stab wound. And O’Shea was just trying to tell people’ Yea, we gay but it’s not calling for all that’ and he stabbed him. He stabbed him right in the heart,” Sibley’s friend, Otis Pena, said in a video shared on his Facebook page.

“They murdered him. They murdered him because he was gay…because he stood up for his friends,” he added.

The New York Police Department is investigating what is considered an anti-gay hate crime. According to a gas station employee, the group who reportedly had the heated exchange with Sibley and his friends was Muslim.

While there have been no arrests, police are searching for a 17-year-old suspect concerning Sibley’s death.

On Monday, Mayor Eric Adams addressed the senseless killing at a press conference and also called the incident a hate crime.

“Now, you have an incident like we saw over the weekend with this young man who was experiencing that hate crime, and we will find the person responsible,” Adams told reporters. “It shakes our confidence when you have someone that randomly assaults someone, who could have a real mental health issue, on the streets. It shakes your confidence.”