Beyoncé‘s dancers, “Les Twins,” are known for being by her side on stage. During her recent concert in Inglewood, California, the dancers stepped in after a fan threw an item on stage.

A clip from a fan in the audience has gained thousands of views as it made its way around social media. The video documents the moment something that looks like a coat or shirt was tossed on stage.

The item was tossed at the singer’s feet while she performed “Drunk in Love.” The clip shows the twins, Larry & Laurent Bourgeois, on high alert, noticing the item as soon as it was thrown and ready to pounce. One twin removes the item from the stage while the singer continues to perform, while the other instantly heads into the crowd to approach the person who tossed the unknown piece of cloth.

As the protective duo began to walk away, they doubled back to the area after it seemed a security guard had to intercept another item being hurled toward the singer. Fed up with the situation, the costume-clad brothers head back into the crowd to confront the person who seemingly hadn’t learned their lesson.


Something gets thrown at Beyonce on stage and Les Twins are ready to fight. Drunk In Love #lestwins #beyonce #renaissanceworldtour #reniassance #sofistadium #losangeles

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The “BeyHive” members sounded off in the comments voicing their appreciation for the twins and their dedication to protecting the singer while on stage, especially with the recent influx of crowd members recklessly throwing items at performers.

One fan said, “Do not mess w the les twins! They do not play when it comes to Bey, they gon protect her!!”

Another commented on their cat-life reflexes to protect the songstress.

“They grabbed that thang off stage so fast Beyonce only knew it happened by watching it in on Tik Tok like the rest of us,” they wrote.

One BeyHive member stated this may be a hint as to why the singer refrains from being so close to fans: “This is why Julius be on edge. Also people was complaining saying Bey only came down the center once but this is prob why. The closer she is more risk.”

The 34-year-old brothers hail from Paris, France and have been dancing their whole lives. The two began to make a name for themselves as finalists on Incroyable Talent, the French equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent. They made their stateside debut in 2010 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

They would later take the stage alongside Beyoncé for the first time at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, and stay with the singer ever since.