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Big Boi Is Paying All The Medical Bills Of A 5-Year-Old Girl Shot At An Atlanta Party

And that's not all; he's also gifting her with a service puppy! Awww!

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We’re always here for the fortunate giving back!

Big Boi was “big charitable” after hearing about a 5-year-old girl shot at a party in Atlanta.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the rapper offered to pay for the Abriya Ellis’ medical bills and for the installation of a wheelchair ramp at her house.

The young girl was shot at a bounce house party in April, tragically leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Since then, she has undergone several surgeries and made some significant progress by participating in an intensive Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta rehab program.

“She only cries when she’s in pain. She doesn’t complain. She’s always got a smile on her face,” said her mother, Andreauna Douglas in an interview with WSB-TV.

Big Boi became aware of the news and was touched by the girl’s positive “spirit,” despite her difficult circumstances. The family has also received financial support through a GoFundMe campaign in April which raised $5,000.

Oh, and that’s not all!

Big Boi is also bringing some magical joy into Ellis’ life by giving her a puppy so that she can have a functional companion as she continues her recovery.

“There’s nothing like having a companion of a service dog or something therapeutic that you can love on [and] that can love you back,” the rapper explained to WSB-TV. “She’s been through a lot, and to see how strong she is now, that was just … very inspiring. It just touched our heart, so we’re just trying to do what we can to help.”

So sweet! Shouts to Big Boi for paying it forward in such a dope way!

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

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