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Black Couple Accused Of Theft Arrested At Gunpoint While Waiting For Their Food At Waffle House

Oh no, Waffle House, what is you doing (again)?!

Chikesia Clemons' violent arrest at an Alabama Waffle House brought attention to the popular diner for all the wrong reasons. Now, the chain is caught up in another arrest scandal!

An unnamed black couple was arrested after dining at a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. A video of the incident was released and has since gone viral. 

Shaun King reports the couple disputed a $1.50 orange juice charge on their receipt for a to-go order, and the grievance resulted in the establishment calling the police on them.  

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

After the police arrived, the couple attempted to defend themselves, but the officer insisted they pay the bill or risk going to jail. The officer asked restaurant employees, “If they don’t pay their bill do you want to press charges?”

The video shows a tense confrontation between the officers and the couple, including a point where one officer pointed a gun at the male customer. As he was cuffed, the man asked the officer what he was being arrested for and the officer simply responded -- "theft."

However, as the order was to-go, the couple never consumed, or even received, any food.

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