TikTok sensation Tanisha ‘Nish’ Godfrey has had enough chicken salad, and now she wants her check. Godfrey went viral over the summer when she expressed her love for a “superior” chicken salad from a local deli in Cleveland. The original video, which was posted to the 81 St. Deli TikTok page, gained over 3 million views on the platform, and Godfrey’s voice has been reshared on countless videos across social media urging people to “come and get” everything you can possibly think of.

Although the chicken salad was the topic of discussion, Godfrey emerged as the video’s star. Overnight, she went from an everyday customer at E. 81st Deli to an influencer. She’s since joined campaigns with her local government to encourage early voting, began promoting other food chains and also landed a gig with Weight Watchers. As she continues to capitalize on the success of her “Chicken Salad” video, the grandmother admits that she is doing the best she can to learn how to navigate the business.

This week, Godfrey was interviewed by fellow TikTok creator Raymonte to talk about her journey after reaching internet fame and what she’s encountered along the way.