Two Black men in Orlando were stopped by police who mistook them for robbery suspects, and were forced to crawl on the ground in a shocking video.

The Orlando Police Department confirmed on Thursday that two men were detained because they allegedly fit the description of armed robbers on bikes, TMZ reports.

A man on vacation told police that two dark-skinned Black men on bikes he said had a gun stole his wallet, Apple Watch and digital camera. According to TMZ, police officials indicated that officers responded to the man’s report almost 10 minutes later and apprehended the two men riding their bikes. They were later released after the victim said they were not the attackers.

In what appears to be a clip from a GoPro, one of the cyclists asks the police why he and his friend are being detained with guns drawn at them. The Black man pleaded with the police that they were innocence and said they were just coming from a nearby 7-Eleven.


“I’m saying you got your gun drawn, and I didn’t do nothing,” he said.

For some unexplained reason, police asked the man’s companion to crawl toward them while he was on his hands and knees, per their request.

Later in the clip, the man recording is asked why they are being held and an officer answers that they match the description of two robbers.

“I don’t know what description y’all talking about but I feel violated right now," he said. “You guys got my buddy right there crawling. I’m encuffed [sic]. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”