Black folks can’t have nothing without a colonizer trying to cash in on our culture.

On July 19, Fashion Magazine published an interview with Sarah Marantz Lindenberg, founder of NiteCap, a satin sleeping bonnet company. Yes, you read that right and before you ask, yes she is. According to the profile, Marantz Lindenberg came up with the idea while trying to find a solution for acne caused by her hair.

“There were products on the market but none of them had a functional and fashionable solution for me —synthetic fabrics that I felt did more damage, or horrible colors that I felt silly going to sleep in,” she explained.  “It inspired me to create something of my own.”

She went on to give props to people who have been wrapping their hair for ages but insisted the methods are “a lot less glamorous than [her] product.”

This is her product.

It costs $98, by the way.

The NiteCap caused a lot of hoopla on Twitter.

Fashion Magazine eventually updated its story with a sentence about the bonnet’s significance to Black people, according to NBC News. NiteCap addressed the drama by posting a statement on Instagram.

“A small business grew quickly, but in the process I failed to connect it back to the broader historical context,” the statement read. “We stand with those who are hurt, and we respect and hear their voices. We’re committed to honouring the historical significance of hair wrapping and this will now be part of our approach.”