It’s one thing to make waves in the tech world as an adult, but when you do so as a kid, amazing things happen and everyone stops to pay attention.

While some of us were barely mastering typing with both hands, Keila Banks, at just 13,  had already become an expert in coding. Also, in efforts to share her knowledge, Banks has devoted her time to educate her peers on the importance of entrepreneurship and open source technology.

When it comes to coding and computer software, Keila is a source of wisdom and guidance for her pupils and has worked with Girls Who Code to teach other young girls like her how to code.

Keila’s knowledge doesn’t stop there, she’s also very savvy when it comes to business. She's been speaking about tech and entrepreneurship at conferences sizing 2000-4000 in attendance since she was 11, not to mention winning the Urban League's Young Entrepreneur Award for the city of Los Angeles at 12. 

Banks was too young to be in the program, but her dad, Phillip Banks, worked a deal with the organizer to let Keila participate. In exchange, Phillip was responsible for teaching other participants about business empowerment.

We can’t box Keila in as someone who lives behind a computer all day either. She is truly flowing with talent, being widely respected for her public speaking skills as well.  

This is Keila speaking at Undefinable Me in Portland, OR.

This is only the beginning for Keila. Who knows what's next?

After a number of TV appearances, conference talks, and speeches, she is still fulfilling her potential. She’ll be talking at SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) on March 4th, , at Girls In Tech in San Francisco during June and later, jet-setting to Haiti, Australia, and Brazil for more tech and business talks. 

Keila plans to continue educating other kids on how to code and how to be the best entrepreneurs they can. Keila’s father, Phillip, looks forward to seeing Keila and her siblings continue passing knowledge and inspiration surrounding business and technology.

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