The American crisis surrounding police brutality is being seen and heard around the world.

From England to Germany, to Canada and many other countries, protesters are standing together to echo the voices of concerned Americans. The global protesters are raising their hands, raising signs and raising their voices for George Floyd after he was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, people of multiple countries are calling for the end of police brutality and demanding justice for Black victims.

Protesters Gather In London

According to the BBC, thousands of protesters came together in multiple locations around the U.K., including the U.S. Embassy in London. The protesters held up signs reading,  "Justice for George Floyd," "Racism has no place," "No justice, no peace" and "I can't breathe. "

Some protesters took a knee like Colin Kaepernick while simultaneously raising their fists like iconic U.S. sprinter Tommie Smith

Reverend Sally Hitchiner, a London priest, said she was surprised by the strength of the demonstration.

"I'm very sympathetic to the issue, but also surprised to see the strength of emotion that has gathered people together," she said. "Clearly they're not following lockdown and social distancing, but I think there's a huge amount of passion there and that's overriding their concerns."

Police arrested five people during the demonstration. Three people were arrested for failure to follow COVID-19 guidelines, and two were detained for assaulting police, the BBC reported. 

"This virus we might not all catch. That murder is happening. Those peoples' lives are not being sparred," one protester told Express. "This is more important to me than hiding away. I would rather come out here, risk my life to support others so they don't get killed and beaten up."

Iran Holds A Vigil

Floyd's killing resonated with people as far as Iran. The Iranians showed their respect by holding a candle vigil for the late 46-year-old, who was regarded as a "gentle giant," in the city of Mashad.

Protesters, Artists, Athletes Show Solidarity In Germany

Thousands more came together outside of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin to speak for Floyd, according to NBC News. Holding similar signs like the rest of the protesters around the world, the Berlin crowd chanted "Black lives matter."

There was also a mural dedicated to Floyd on the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall, NPR reported. The tribute included a painting of Floyd and three hashtags: #GeorgeFloyd, #ICantBreathe and #SayHisName.

Several soccer players also paid tribute during matches over the weekend. One player took a knee during a game, and another wore a shirt saying "Justice for George Floyd."

Jadon Sancho, the player who took off his jersey to reveal the message, received a penalty in the form of a yellow card. 

Piara Powar, executive director of soccer's anti-discrimination Fare Network, criticized the referee for handing out the punishment.

“The booking of Jadon Sancho, or any other player, for making a statement in support of a man who has been unjustly killed is the wrong decision,” Powar told The Associated Press. “This is not a party-political cause, or an issue that poses a threat to football, but an expression of concern and solidarity from minority players.”

Canada Remembers Regis Korchinski-Paquet And Other Black Victims

While Americans mourned the death of Floyd in the past week, it was also a somber week for Canadians as they were hit with the tragic news of the death of a 29-year-old Black woman. According to NPR, police officers were responding to a domestic incident when Regis Korchinski-Paquet fell from her balcony and died. With the details of her death remaining unclear, residents have been demanding answers from the police. 

“How did this woman lose her life? How? How are these officers not being held to a higher standard?” Todd Amune, who knew the victim, told Global News. 

The protests brought together people speaking for Korchinski-Paquet and other Black victims such as Floyd who have died at the hands of police. 

Italy Performs Flashmob To Symbolize Tragedy

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, protesters in Italy orchestrated a flashmob demonstration and sat in front of the U.S. Consulate with their hands at their throats simulating suffocation to symbolize how Floyd died. Demonstrators also wore face masks with the phrase “I can’t breathe” written on them. 

More protests took place outside the U.S. Embassy in Rome. There's also a mural in Milan, commemorating victims of police brutality. 

New Zealand Honors Black Lives

On Monday, masses of people took to the streets in New Zealand with signs reading "I can't breathe" as well as popular protest mantra "No justice, no peace."