A Black Vermont resident slammed a local judge for allowing a self-described white nationalist to walk free without bail after violating his parole.

Max Misch is a well-known white nationalist who made headlines last year after verbally and physically harassing former Vermont Legislature Rep. Kiah Morris, the state's only Black female state representative. Misch and other white supremacists in Vermont hounded Morris and her family so much that she decided not to run for reelection out of fears for her safety.

The state investigated Misch but found no wrongdoing in his harassment of Morris. Despite skating on those accusations, he was charged with two misdemeanor counts of possessing high-capacity magazines in February and was released with one stipulation: that he stay away from gun stores. He was arrested by Bennington police on Friday after he violated the terms of his release.

In court filings, police say the 36-year-old bought a handgun on March 30 but had not picked it up, hoping to get it once he beat his outstanding charges. The only reason police knew about the gun was because Misch threatened his ex-wife and blamed her for not being able to get the gun fast enough. 

On Monday, Assistant Attorney General John Waszak wanted Vermont Superior Court Judge William Cohen to set bail at $200, but that was struck down because the court claimed Misch "was not a flight risk."

"The defendant has violated probably the most salient and important condition of release," Waszak told The Reformer.

The decision enraged community activist Shawn Pratt, who shouted at the judge about racial disparities in bail requests. 

“My nephew didn’t get no conditions. This is unfair. He should be locked up,” Pratt says in the video.

“You’re letting him walk out of here guys! My nephew, he was in jail for a whole year, your honor! A whole year! For nothing! He’s black. Keep on with these racial disparities, guys! We’re watching all of you!”

Misch cursed at Pratt as he left the courtroom, but police walked with Pratt all the way back to his car.