Amassing millions of hungry patrons and hilarious memes on social media, Popeyes' spicy chicken sandwich has held people’s attention for more than a week. People have been itching to get their hands on the latest menu item.

Daily Blast Live, a national daytime news program, decided to taste-test the sandwich, and things got shady real quick. 

During the August 20 broadcast, the four co-hosts sank their teeth into the frenzied food item. Al Jackson, the only Black person on the taste-test panel, hilariously teased fellow co-host Jeff Schroeder as they all ate. 

“That’s seasoning,” Schroeder said as he enjoyed the sandwich, to which Jackson replied, “Does that taste like a neighborhood you’ve never been to?”

For those who didn't catch the shade in Jackson's response, it's been long-declared that seasoning is something white people are unfamiliar with in the kitchen. 

From bland chicken to unseasoned potato salad, seasoning is a scarcity in their homes, and it's long been a running joke in the Black community. 

So naturally, Twitter came in clutch with the responses after Jackson's shady comment. 

On Saturday Night Live's Black Jeopardy segment, Chadwick Boseman had us cackling when referencing white people putting raisins in their potato salad. 

The restaurant reportedly pulled in more than $23 million worth of advertising following the craze. But for those hoping to get their hands on the sandwich, you'd be out of luck. The limited-edition food item sold out of its two-month supplies within 16 days.