The COVID-19 pandemic inspired many Black Americans to go into business for themselves. For Robyn Baxter, it pushed her to launch a Black women-owned charcuterie business after attending Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia. 

François Pasquier and several friends started Le Diner en Blanc in Paris in 1988. Since then, the annual event has become a trend worldwide as thousands look forward to dressing in all white and dining with one another at a secret location dropped at the last minute, according to the website

Baxter told CBS Philadelphia that she had attended Diner en Blanc for several years, but the event after the pandemic inspired her to become a business owner. 

“It all started right after the pandemic with Diner En Blanc,” Baxter said. “I had been attending for six years, and every year I showed up with a board. And every year, someone stopped at my table and asked ‘Where did you get this board from?'”

With that spark of creativity, she started her artisan business, Jlux Charcuterie. On Friday, she appeared on “Shop Black Business Friday,” a weekly segment highlighting different Black-owned companies every week in December.

The City Council passed a resolution earlier this month and declared Shop Black Business Friday, an initiative to support diversity in citywide businesses.

While Baxter has only been in business for three years, she insists other Black-owned businesses helped Jlux Charcuterie succeed.

“We’ve had the opportunity to network with several other Black-owned businesses who have been tremendous in us helping to get our foot out there,” Baxter said, according to CBS.

During the segment, she displayed the board “The gang is all here,” which has become an instant favorite among customers. It contains three premium meats and a variety of artisan cheeses paired with fruits and nuts.

Baxter has been booked with orders this holiday season, with the custom-made grazing tables ranging from $800 to $1,200.

She also offers beginner classes for those interested in doing charcuterie boards at home.

“Our beginning classes introduce you to what charcuterie is,” Baxter said.