“Its simple chemistry, but the equation is so complex….timing is everything, the combination is more than sex.”

Now, I was no newbie to amazing internet sensations. I had been watching Issa Rae’s The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl for months. Black & Sexy TV gave me drama; it gave me laughs and overall well-developed story-lines. I could sit and name all the shows, but I’d much rather name my two favorites, RoomieLoverFriends and Hello Cupid.

Okay, first up is RoomieLoverFriends with main characters Tamiko (Shayla Hale) and Jay (Andra Fuller). This whirlwind fromance (yes, I made that up) is about a subject we all know too well — the friends-with-benefits zone. You know that zone where you act like you don’t care but in reality you’re burning up inside seeing your friend with someone else? When you want more of the benefits and less of the friend? You get my drift. Well, here we have Tamiko and Jay, roommates that cross boundaries and become lovers. Viewers then get to act as a fly on the wall as the awkward relationship continues after it gets complicated. RoomieLoverFriends premiered on BET on September 16th. You can catch episodes every Wednesday at 11 p.m.

And then there’s the young and hilariously funny Hello Cupid with best friends Whitney (Ashley Blaine Featherson) and Robyn (Haley Marie Norman). Just imagine being in front of the computer with your best friend on a dating site. Then add into the mix the experiment of men’s reactions to light and dark-skinned women. Uh-oh! If you really want to know how it all goes down, head over to YouTube for season one. And look out for Hello Cupid on BET coming soon.

Black & Sexy TV does more than just bring entertainment to our internet and television screens. I am a sure fan and supporter of it. After one episode of either of the series’ I mentioned above, I guarantee you’ll be a fan.