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Before You Grab Your Pitch Fork, Please Understand That I’m Adapting To A More Sensitive World, Just Like You

What a time to be alive, when a simple comment can cause an uproar or a Black Twitter drag. I remember being a freshman in high school with my first cell phone that could only dial and text. There was no camera and definitely no internet on the device. When I wanted to get all the juice about celebrity news, I had to wait for Entertainment Tonight or stay up late waiting for...

Same Intent, Different Victim: How The Death Of Botham Jean Made Me Rethink My Past Frightening Encounters With The Police

In light of the Botham Jean case, where an off-duty police officer in Dallas killed an unarmed man while entering an apartment she had mistaken for hers, it made me think back to the few encounters my dad and I has had with police officers and how blessed we are to have lived to tell our stories. When I first took to social media to tell these stories three years ago, I started with...

You Can Do More, Only If You Want To: Why My Middle Class Life Isn’t Enough For Me

Funny statement. A long-time friend of my sister made a statement that will forever stick to my mental like glue:"I don't know how people live off of 12 dollars an hour."Keep in mind, this was almost a decade ago. Factor in where our economy is now. So, what does that mean to me if I just left a job as a preschool teacher making 13 dollars an hour? Does that mean I'm...