Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, is under scrutiny after a viral video captured a confrontation between two police officers on campus and a Black student who was accused of showing a fake ID.

The clip begins with one of the officers grabbing the Black student’s hands as he insists that he didn’t do anything wrong. Another young man who recorded the incident is heard in the video trying to make a case for his friend.

“Why are you grabbing him? Let him go,” the witness says repeatedly while the officer is seen aggressively grabbing the Black student on camera.

The confrontation continues for several minutes as the officer grabs the student by the shoulders and claims that the student hit him. Fortunately, the officer has a partner who attempts to calm the situation as the young man proceeds to verbally defend himself, insisting that he did not touch the officer. After a moment, the student is finally allowed to go into his backpack and retrieve his identification.