Jania Ashay, a former ESL teacher, says she was fired after a TikTok video she made with her students went viral.

In a separate TikTok video, Ashay described how she was released from her job after recording the video with her students dancing to an edited version of Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap,” Insider reports.

“This was actually a very traumatizing experience, but I think I am healed enough to go ahead and share my experience,” Ashay said. “They don’t call it a ‘For You’ page for no reason, and I hope this lands right on your timeline because it is time for you to hear my side of the story. And you know who I am talking to.”

The former teacher confirmed that she is an English As Second Language (ESL) teacher and described the school district as problematic.


“Let me start by saying, though, that God makes no mistakes, and I would do it all over again If I can end up where I am today—This happened about a year ago,” she started. “So I am an ESL teacher, and to get my degree and my license, we had to student teaching. And the school that I did the student teaching at is in this same district and has the same attitude, and I should have ran when I was done with that—But I had no clue what was coming up.”

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According to the young teacher, her mentor mistreated her, saying and doing things she found insulting. However, the unnamed mentor did help her obtain the job, which she would eventually lose.


“This is a suburb school—so before y’all ask, yes, they were, and they treated me as such. When I was doing my student teaching, the lady who was my mentor teacher—whatever you want to call it, she was one of those who did it, but tried to act like she didn’t know what she was saying was hurtful to me,” Ashay explained. “So she got me this job, and boom—I am a sixth-grade teacher, doing ESL. So I travel with my ESL kids, the kids who is learning English; I travel with them to their classes, but the students in these other classes still consider me their teacher because I co-teaching with them.”

“So two of the other girls that are in the ‘general education (ed)’ ask me if they could come in my classroom one day to eat lunch,” she continued. “I am a cool teacher, so of course, I am going to say yes. And while they are in there, they ask me if we could do a little TikTok or whatever.”

“Mistake number one, they were not supposed to have their phones out at lunch, but I was just—we were just chilling,” Ashay said. “So the next day, those two kids get called into the office, y’all this is a simple little dance. It was to Nicki Minaj, but the edited version. I am a dancer; I was shaking nothing. It was so PG. The principal calls them into the office and tells them that they need to take it down but tells them not to tell me.”


“She wanted me to come in there blindsided,” she added.

Ashay then says that the students told her that the TikTok video was asked to be taken down by the principal, in which she recorded the video before it was removed.

“She [principal]—well, the secretary, her little minion, calls me and tells me to come into her office in the middle of me teaching. So what about all of these other kids that you are about to leave here by themselves,” Ashay said. “She don’t care about that. All she cared about is throwing me under the bus and getting rid of me.”

“So I go into her office, and I recorded this meeting too,” Ashay noted. “Yes, I did, and I still got that recording. Y’all, she was talking to me like I was a child. Talking so down on me and telling me it was unprofessional, this, that, and the third. We are going back and forth. She takes me to HR that day, and of course, they have her back. And that’s it. I was fired.”

In part two of her story about getting fired, Ashay explained that she was contracted and obligated to finish the school year if she wanted to continue getting paid.

“Check this, so even though I was fired, I was still under contract, so I had to finish out the school year if I wanted to continue to get paid,” Ashay explained. “So even though this happened on a Thursday, I took off Friday—because I had to get my thoughts together. I did not want to come on Monday, but this is where the true testimony of faith because if I had gone ahead and quit, I still had about a month and a half left. If I would have quit, then I would not have gotten paid, and then I would have had to go and find another job.”

Ashay expressed gratitude for being fired and had no ill feelings toward the administration or students. She is now a travel adviser and said she wouldn’t be in her position if she weren’t fired.


“In conclusion, I’m not even mad at the principal. If you’re watching this, I’m not even mad at you because you were just doing what needed to be done,” Ashay said. “God was just using you as a vessel to take me to the next level.”