An investigation is being launched after California sheriff’s deputies were seen detaining Black minors, who were allegedly victims of an assault, at gunpoint.

The mother of one of the boys, Tammi Collins, said her son and his friends were attacked by a man experiencing homelessness while sitting at a bus stop in Santa Clarita. He pulled a knife on the boys after asking them for drugs. To stave off the attacker, Collins said the boys defended themselves with a skateboard, according to ABC 7. 

Collins told ABC 7 that several calls were made to 911 identifying the boys as victims in the incident, but one caller accused the boys of attacking the man.

When law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, a witness recorded as they drew their weapons on the boys despite bystanders telling them the teens were not the assailants.

In the video Collins posted to Instagram, a woman, who identified herself as the manager of the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings, tried to reason with the deputies who were still aiming their weapons at the teens.