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Black Twitter Uses #PenceBlackHistory As A Response To The VP's Whitewashed Black History Month Tribute

Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter on Wednesday morning with a Black History Month shout out for a white man.

Somebody please come get y'all President and VP.

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While we’re still reeling at the unprecedented gall of this current administration’s efforts to turn our democracy into a dictatorship, Donald Trump is determined to prove to us that his insatiable ego knows no bounds. On Monday, President Trump kicked off Black History Month with a “listening session” held in the Roosevelt Room before a handful of black supporters. 

In his speech, Trump did what Trump does, he made it all about him taking the opportunity to blast the “fake news” and recognizing Frederick Douglass in present tense as “someone who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.” 

To add insult to idiocy, Vice President Mike Pence took to Twitter on Wednesday morning with a Black History Month shout out, but the way his supremacy is set up his acknowledgment was actually for a white man.

The irony was not lost on Black Twitter. #PenceBlackHistory was started by Matthew A. Cherry. 

The squad came through swift, in honor of #PenceBlackHistory, with historic black milestones from a white perspective.

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There was appreciation for black athleticism made possible, of course, by white people.

And don't forget about our sacrifice.

Truly, where would hip hop be without white men?

And don't about forget our girl, Adele.

Shout out to the bus driver who set off the Civil Rights Movement!

And, one time for President Trump and his single black cabinet nominee.

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Thank goodness for Gary Evans. Without him there would be no New Edition Story.

#BlackTwitter is out of control.

And we love it!

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